What does Google Instant mean to your search rankings?

Google recently released a major upgrade to their search utility called Google Instant. Google Instant will help predict what you want to search for. As you type in the search box, it will guess what keywords you want to search on.

What does this change?

For example if you want to find a web designer in new york city you might search on “website design new york city”, “web designer NYC”, “website designer new york”, and many other variations. The owners of the top sites must optimize their website for all the various combinations that someone might use to find a web designer in New York City. With Google Instant, though, Google will guess what you’re trying to find and give you options. See this snapshot of me entering web design into Google.

Google Instant Web Example

You can see that it suggests “web design”, “web designer”, and “web design nyc”. Now, I would probably choose “web design nyc” and no longer guess at what I want to search on. This means that keyword “web design nyc”, just became MUCH more competitive. And the other keywords, such as “website designer nyc” is now pretty much obsolete. As you can also see, Google has pre-populated the search results AS you type. So you may not even bother to search on “web design nyc” if you see what you want by the time you enter “web des”.

How does this effect your SEO on your website?

The new Google Instant will have many impacts on SEO and online advertising. To start with, your meta description and title are going to be very important. You’ll have a split second to catch the eye of potential visitors. Also, it may no longer be as important to optimize your site for keywords such as common misspellings. Since Google is suggesting keywords to searchers, they will be much less likely to search on a misspelling.

And while good keyword optimization is certainly required, the new Google Instant will place more emphasis on in bound links which in the end are the most important search engine optimization you can make to your site. Find good ways to get high ranking websites to link to you and keyword optimization is less of a concern.

How are you going to update your website with the Google Instant release?


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